If you are interested in filling out (or simply discussing) advanced directives, please do not hesitate to call (503) 396-5322

Here you will find two types of advanced directives. They are:

  • Oregon Declaration for Mental Health Treatment

  • Medical Advanced Directive

Do you need assistance signing up for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)?

If yes, please fill out your information on this form. Once completed, email it to:


Now that the documents on the previous page are complete, please contact Medicine Wheel Recovery Services' staff to ensure we receive your intake paperwork. Phone number: (503) 396-5322

The next step of the admission process is for releases of information to be established. ROI's are essential in making sure communication remains current.

As you complete the ROI's with MWRS staff, they will also work with you to schedule a time for a therapist to call you and conduct an assessment. This assessment may take up to, if not longer, one (1) hour. Please be sure to schedule your time accordingly, so the assessment can be completed in a single instance.

Treatment needs, service plan goals, and establishing who your primary care team is will be determined once your assessment is complete.

Thank you for choosing Medicine Wheel Recovery Services. We look forward to helping you establish and eventually strengthen your recovery.